Hello everyone, For our practical assessment in New Communication Technologies, I decided to do a vlog style video about social media addicts, and the day in the life of one. I chose this method of filming, and a dramatisation of some events because I use quite a few social media platforms almost on a daily […]

I completed my essay about the social media topic, and am very happy to hand it in. It was a very interesting topic and I really enjoyed researching and writing about this issue. I’ve chosen not to post my essay online, but below I have listed the references that I used.   Reference List:   […]

Hello everyone, So this week we had to confirm our essay topic with our tutor. I chose to focus on: Does the extensive use of social media have a positive or negative impact on the health of young people? What are the most recent academic papers on this topic? Clarify what all sides of the […]

With the use of technology, political views can easily be shared (or left anonymous) through the Internet. There are many outlets for expression, and with social media becoming more prevalent, politicians are taking things online. Manual petitions seem to be a thing of the past as e-petitions make their way into the media. The website […]

This week, I created a survey on Survey Monkey consisting of five questions that will aid in my understanding of the population that uses social media, and what they use it for. By sharing my survey on various forms of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, I was able to collate a substantial amount […]

This week I discovered the history of television and created a timeline through TimeToast: http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/the-history-of-television–6 All of the information used to create that timeline was from: http://www.softschools.com/timelines/television_timeline/31/   Thanks, Caitlin

This week, I explored the Griffith Library system and its database/catalogue directory where I had some very interesting findings. The following books are publications by Journalism and Communications professor, Stephen Stockwell: Stockwell, S 2000,¬†All-media guide to fair and cross-cultural reporting: for journalists, program makers and media students, Australian Key Centre for Cultural and Media Policy, […]

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